Extensive  experience

Boyd Fuller created Fuller Negotiation based on his extensive experience advising, convening, and analyzing many-party, multi-level, value-laden negotiations in Asia and North America. He is experienced with facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues, advising organizations and individuals for their negotiations,  developing capacity building programs, and researching and writing about complex conflicts.

boyd W. Fuller

Boyd Fuller (Ph.D., MIT) is the Founder and Chief Trainer of Fuller Negotiation, which provides negotiation and mediation training, executive coaching, facilitation, and consulting to clients around the world.

He taught negotiation, mediation, and public policy to students from all over the world at the National University of Singapore (now rated a top 30 university in the world) where he consistently received nominations for Best Teacher. He is also a Fellow at Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.

Boyd has provided training for hundreds of private and public sector executives, professionals, and other leaders from over 50 countries from every continent in the world. He has also personally coached over 60 mid-career professionals to improve their results, position, and relationships.

In addition, Boyd mediated conflicts, managed organizations, and designed and implemented water projects in South East Asia. He researched mediation and negotiation for environmental disputes, peace building, and post-conflict development throughout Asia and in North America. He has written one book on mediating water and value disputes and co-written the first book on teaching multiparty negotiations. One published paper won the Best Paper award for 2011 from the Academy of Management, which compares papers from the top 16 journals on public policy and management.

At MIT, Boyd studied under Professor Lawrence Susskind, the founder of public dispute resolution. He also has two degrees in water-related engineering at McGill University, Canada. He sees all of these as part of his trajectory towards solving problems through careful analysis and reflective innovation.

Personally, Boyd is Canadian and married with one child. He is now based in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, with strong links in Asia.